The Johannesburg Art Scene from the 60's to the 90's

A few major art collectors


John Schlesinger - Schlesinger Foundation Johannesburg - 1961

John Schlesinger , Johannesburg

ill. in SA Art News and Review, Johannesburg - Vol. 1 No. 4 - 1.6.1961

(Schlesinger Foundation)


Mr H.F. Oppenheimer, Johannesburg - 1990s - photo by Raymond Preston - copyright Sunday Times

Mr. H.F. Oppenheimer, Johannesburg

ill. in "Long Live", a photographic exhibition by Raymond Preston

listed on website of Sunday Times, Photogallery, 19th February, 2005


Dr Albert Wessels, Johannesburg (photographed by Godfrey Argent, London)

Dr Albert Wessels, Johannesburg

photographed by Godfrey Argent, London


Mr Donald Gordon

Mr Donald Gordon, Johannesburg


Mr H Louis Shill, Johannesburg

Mr H Louis Shill, Johannesburg




Some of these images were downloaded from the Internet. Copyright remains with the respective photographers or publishers.


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