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A selection of sculptures by DUMILE exhibited at Gallery 101, Johannesburg in January 1966 and June 1967 and of sculptures done in Durban (but not exhibited at the Durban Art Gallery) during second half of 1966, including works exhibited elsewhere.

Sculptures completed in Johannesburg and Durban

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(usually unsigned and not dated)

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Bronze casts

DUMILE bronze ed. 3 - "The scream"        DUMILE bronze ed. 3 - "Mother + child", 1966 




Not cast, terracotta works completed in  Johannesburg

DUMILE Figure I., 1966 - terracotta    DUMILE Sculpture "Man I." - clay    DUMILE Sculpture "Father", 1966 - terracotta    DUMILE Sculpture "Mother", 1966 - terracotta



DUMILE Sculpture "Old Woman", 1966 - terracotta    DUMILE Sculpture "Why", 1966 - clay    DUMILE Sculpture "The World", 1966 - clay    DUMILE Sculpture "Woman resting", 1966 - terracotta.



DUMILE Sculpture "Seated Woman", 1967 - terracotta

image Warren Siebrits 2005



Not cast, terracotta works completed in  Durban

Mslaba DUMILE Feni "Chameleon", 1966 - Plaster of Paris, exhibited at NSA Durban (Trans-Natal)   1966                            1967   DUMILE terracotta "Russia", 1967 - ill. Adler Fielding Gallery - "Sculpture SA 1900-1967" cat. 27



Larger sculptures not cast, completed in Johannesburg

DUMILE Sculpture "Betty + Grace", 1966 - Plaster of Paris - with DUMILE     DUMILE Sculpture "The Messenger", 1966 - Plaster of Paris     DUMILE in Johannesburg 1966, with one of his sculptures in Plaster of Paris



Not cast, works completed in Durban

DUMILE in Durban, 1966, with one of his sculptures in Plaster of Paris      Dumile holding one of his clay sculptures - Durban 1966

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Bronze cast, work completed in Johannesburg

Mslaba DUMILE Feni "Anguished woman", 1967/1968 bronze ed. 4, 26cm H

"Anguished woman", 1967/68 ed. 4 - 26cm H - click on PDF link for details!




The photographs of works exhibited at Gallery 101 were taken mainly by Coen C. Oosthuysen, Johannesburg, and those relating to the Durban Art Museum exhibition period were taken by Moosa Badsha, Durban. Copyright to all photographs rests with the photographers or their estate.

Copyright on all original works remains with the artist's Estate! None of the above images may be downloaded nor may any image or work be reproduced for gain, unless with the written permission from the DUMILE Estate.


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