Mslaba DUMILE - Feni




Durban Art Gallery, Durban - August, 1966


During his stay in Durban, while holding a solo show of his drawings at the Durban Art Gallery, Dumile made a number of sculptures in clay.


Study of Dumile in his workshop in Durban, 1966


Dumile holding a clay sculpture of a baby - Durban 1966


Dumile and Omar Badsha at work - Durban 1966


It is not known if these clay sculptures were ever fired or cast, or whether they survived. Only in 2010, while scrutinising some contact prints made in 1966 by "A. Moosa Badsha" from Durban, were the images of these works re-discovered!

If you are the lucky owner of one of these sculptures, please let us have more details so that we may update our archives.


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