Ulrich SCHWANECKE "Stony Heights, Brandberg", 1983 watercolour 4in1 (USCH83/01-83/04) (PELMAMA)

"Stony Heights, Brandberg", 1983 - watercolour in 4 parts

Part I. - 22x55.5 cm; Part II. - 45.5x67 cm; Part III. 67x55.5 cm; Part IV. 45.5x67 cm

PELMAMA Register MAMS USCH 83/01-04



Work acquired on final dispersal of part of the PELMAMA Permanent Art Collection

Coll. "J.T.", Johannesburg

as part of the original PELMAMA Permanent Art Collection



The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Johannesburg

Gallery 21, Johannesburg


Work illustrated / mentioned in:

"Aquarelle" W.S.S.A. Johannesburg - September 1984, p. 14

"Aquarelle" W.S.S.A. Johannesburg - No. 4 - December, 1984, p. 18



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