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Queens Hall Art Gallery, Johannesburg

History and List of Exhibitions


The Queens Hall Art Gallery was situated on the lower ground floor level at 112 Plein Street, corner Claim Street, Johannesburg, in a building owned by Rabbi Merkin.


Queens Hall Art Gallery, Johannesburg - 1960

Queens Hall Art Gallery, Johannesburg - 1960


The gallery's owners were in equal parts: Mmes. Fernande Marie-Louise Haenggi, Rosa Lipschitz (later known as Rosa Lipworth) and Frankie Rubenstein. 

There was a small office at the top of the stairs (leading down to the gallery) in which Giuseppe (Pino) Cattaneo used to paint. Jeremy Taylor, just back from a trip abroad, used to have impromptu sessions practising his "'Ag Pleez Deddy " which became such a hit.

Betty Addleson was the Curator of the 1959 opening exhibition.



List of Exhibitions at Queens Hall Art Gallery 1959-1961









26th October, 1959


Official opening by Dr Jack Penn


Artists’ Choice Exhibition: 17 artists:

Lionel Abrams, May Arlington, Erica Berry, Phil Botha, Nina Campbell-Quine, Richard Cheales, W.H. Coetzer, Eirys Davies, Sydney Goldblatt, Arthur Goldreich, Norma Ingram, Phyllis Kingsbury, Mary Packer, Zoltan Borbereki, Elizabeth Sebök, Rhona Stern, Herman Wald





31st March, 1960


Leon Gluckman


Transvaal Artists: 22 Contemporary SA artists:

Rhona Stern, Alice Goldin, Nina Aleksander, Bettie Cilliers-Barnard, Nina Campbell-Quine, Sidney Goldblatt, Giuseppe Cattaneo, Cecily Sash, George Boys, Ben Jasven, Dirk Meerkotter, Nel Erasmus, Frank Rosen, Johan van Heerden, Ronald Mylchreest, Coert Steynberg, Harold Rubin, Ernest Ullman, Zakkie Eloff, Ernst de Jong, Leo Theron, Monty Sack, Minne Fry





8th August, 1960


Gideon Roos, Director General of SABC


34 Contemporary SA artists:

Lionel Abrams, Nina Alexander-Ristic, Blumé Amoils, Armando Baldinelli, Walter Battiss, George Boys, Nina Campbell-Quine, Giuseppe Cattaneo, Bettie Cilliers-Barnard, Ernst de Jong, Elza Dziomba, Nel Erasmus, Minne Fry, Alice Goldin, Arthur Goldreich, George Jaholkowski, Ben Jasven, Sydney Kumalo, Elsa Marschall, Dirk Meerkotter, Ronald Mylchreest, Monty Sack, Cecily Sash, Cecil Skotnes, Julius Sher, Irma Stern, Rhona Stern, Ernest Ullman, Maurice van Essche, Johan van Heerden, Günther van der Reis, Adèle White, Aaron Witkin, Valentinos Xenidis

+ included but not on invitation card: Zoltan Borbereki, Maggie Laubser, Fred Schimmel, Elizabeth Sebök





17th October, 1960


George Harwood


George Jaholkowski - sculptures





2nd November, 1960


Adrian Berrill, Chairman C.N.A.


Polly Street Art Group - paintings and sculptures





15th November, 1960


Prof. John Fassler


Armando Baldinelli - paintings, mosaics, drawings








Art & Fashion








The partnership ceased about then as the property's owner Rabbi Merkin wanted to use the gallery space for a Restaurant to make more money! The upstairs floors were used by PACT's ballet group.



17th October, 1961

DGA Banmeyer


Maurice + Jeannette Fievet - international wildlife painter and illustrator - This exhibition was organised by Mme FML Haenggi for her own account, separate from the Gallery 101 operations, in the former Queens Hall Art Gallery premises!



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