"Untitled", 1968 - tapestry in karakul - 159x358 cm

PELMAMA Register AAMC AMBA 68/01




University of Fort Hare, Alice (donated by The Fort Hare Foundation, 1990), as part of the original PELMAMA Permanent Art Collection



The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Johannesburg

Gallery 21, Johannesburg

Gallery 101, Johannesburg


Work illustrated:

Art & Artists of South Africa (Berman) (Balkema), 1983 + 1994, p. 142, ill.

"Images of Man" (E.J. de Jager), 1992, p. 28, cat. 18, ill.



Reportedly, according to records from Gallery 101, this tapestry was one of the few designed by Azaria Mbatha and woven by or under the direction of his wife at Rorke's Drift.

(refer also to brochure "Rorke's Drift and After", The Gallery, Centre for African Studies, UCT, Sept./Oct. 1990, p. 7 and ARTLOOK Johannesburg Oct. 1969, p. 30, quoting Azaria Mbatha)



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