(Jacobus Johannes) Koos den HOUTING

(Jacobus Johannes) Koos DEN HOUTING "Running bird man", 1982 - Hardekool - 65x14x41 cm (PELMAMA) ©THF

"Running bird man", 1982 - Hardekool - 65x14x41 cm

PELMAMA Register MAMS JDHO 82/01



Work acquired on final dispersal of part of the PELMAMA Permanent Art Collection

Coll. "J.G.", Johannesburg

as part of the original PELMAMA Permanent Art Collection



The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Johannesburg

Gallery 21, Johannesburg


Work exhibited:

"Images of Wood" - Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg - 1989


Work illustrated:

"Images of Wood", Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg, 1989, cat. p. 99



©Copyright to this work is held by The Haenggi Foundation Inc. under signed agreement with the artist, dated 17.1.1989



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