Copyright on all works reproduced on this site


Norman CATHERINE owns all copyright (@) on his works and photographs illustrated on this site - contact him on this link


The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Basel/Johannesburg own all copyright (@) on ALL WORKS or images by LUCAS SITHOLE


The Haenggi Foundation Inc., Basel/Johannesburg own all copyright on the following works in the PELMAMA PERMANENT ART COLLECTION, as specified on the respective web pages:


Abrams, Bakker, Baldinelli, Battiss, Blom JJ, Coetzee, de Villiers A., de Villiers I., den Houting, Hlalele, Kors, Kumalo C., Mabaso, Malemane, Meerkotter, Mphahlele, Nel, Seage, Sibisi, Sibiya


Refer to Artists represented in the original PELMAMA Permanent Art Collection



You need the written permission of the respective copyright holders to reproduce any of the works on this website in any manner, or any of the works created by the late Lucas SITHOLE at any time  - please send your enquiry to the address linked.

Obtaining copyright permission will as a rule only entail the cost of sending to Basel a few copies of your publication for archival purposes, supplying professional slides and notifying us, giving full details.

All infringements may cause you unnecessary legal costs !


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